• Careena Campbell

The Secret Slipper by Amanda Tero || Book Review

I love the way Amanda makes me as a reader hook into the characters problems as if I am experiencing them. I enjoy wondering how I would make the choices each character faces, and going along with them as they make choices. And of course the fact that the characters usually make positive choices in the end, which is very uplifting!

I love that she told the tale as a father-daughter story. It's so sweet when the father is the hero!

The only thing I would have to critique was the aside mentioned death/murder of a character who, I think, was named Nes. Nothing violent or gruesome that would keep me from potentially recommending the book, but it felt a little random and unnecessary.

I loved the overall positive vibe AND of course the inclusion of the Gospel! Salvation makes EVERY story better. Great work, Amanda!

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