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Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe || Classic Literature Book Review

So, in 2019 I read Robinson Crusoe for the first time. Go ahead and give me hate if you'd like to be "that blog reader commenter", but it was the first classic piece I believe I've actually read. (Plan to change that of course!)

The reason I read it was because I have a serious love of castaway tales and seafaring adventures...buuuutttt I'm not so into pirates and the material that usually comes with that hehe.

Seemed like the perfect solution once a friend told me that Robinson Crusoe didn't have much about pirates and there were Christian themes.

There was a lot to this story, and therefore, a lot to cover in a review. I'll let the video do most of the explaining, but here's a summary:

1. Writing style was ok. It was written in the 17th century, so what do you expect? It's a little ye-old-paragraph-length-sentences.

2. Christian themes were pretty good. I appreciate Robinson's thought process when it comes to deciding spiritual matters. There were a few inconsistencies, which I explain in further depth in the video, but overall okay.

3. While there was hardly any violence through the first 3/4 of the story, Defoe surprised me with a fair amount towards the end. Cannibals and mutineers...what do you expect? It just surprised me a bit when the rest had been so peaceful.

4. Would I recommend it? To a mature reader, if they wanted a mostly clean piece of classic literature, yes.

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