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Free is officially released and available on Amazon! Praise the Lord!

I can hardly describe how excited I am to be able to finally share Free with y'all! I kept it a secret for so long, it seems like the last two months--starting with that first "author website announcement" YouTube video--have gone by so incredibly fast. Since I started writing Free in 2017, I have grown so much in not only my writing but also my walk with the Lord. I would be at a loss to figure out how many times He made a way for this book to be when, left to myself, I would have given up. I hope that Free makes you feel closer to Him, just as I've drawn closer to Him through creating it!

I know I've shared my book's blurb many times, but today I'm sharing my book's story "in a nutshell" in a different way. I've created my first ever book trailer! I hope it intrigues you and makes you want to learn more about Ruth's story!

But don't leave yet! I love to celebrate big, so here are a few more fun things going on today:

Alexandria Miracola interviewed me on her website! She asked such great questions that were so fun to answer. I really enjoyed the process, and it was such a wonderful opportunity. I mean, who doesn't love being asked questions about their book? Anyway, be sure to check that out!

I mentioned yesterday that I was going to go live on YouTube to do a Q and A about Free, and you can the watch the playback now on my channel! I had such a blast answering some of y'alls real-life questions, and I couldn't help but share some funny stories too.

Happy release day! I've just been blown away by how supportive everyone has been. Don't go anywhere though--release week isn't over yet! 😃

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