• Careena Campbell

Release Countdown Begins! *7*

I can't believe it's SO CLOSE!! Only one more week until Free is out in the world. And I have some super exciting things planned to celebrate!

Firstly, Free is going on a blog tour! Check out these lovely bloggers who are helping me take Ruth's story to readers like you:

March 8th: Amanda Tero

March 9th: Alexandria Miracola

March 10th: Effie J Stock

March 12th: Zielle K. S.

Secondly, starting Monday, March 8th and ending on Saturday the 13th, I will be releasing YouTube videos every single day to celebrate release! I'll be sharing what inspired me to write Free, every single piece of art I did, how much it cost me to publish, and more. If you aren't yet subscribed to my channel, head over and do it real quick because you won't want to miss all the content coming out!

This is just the beginning of the fun things I have planned for Free's birthday, so stick around! There will be more exciting announcements in the days to come.

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