• Careena Campbell

Release Countdown: 🎉2🎉

Thursday is so close y'all...

In today's release week video, I'm showing you every bit of art I have in my artwork folder for Free! It was really fun to go through my old drawings--and see how much (or little) the characters have changed in four years' time! If you like seeing artwork of characters and scenes this video will totally be your thing.

As far as the blog tour, today's blogger is Alexandria Miracola over at her website, 21:25 books! Alexandria is a super sweet Christian fantasy author. She's on a mission to write stories that restore and inspire childlike wonder in readers of all ages. That's something we could all use from time to time! Be sure to show her some love while you're checking out her post about Free! I was really encouraged by what she had to say. Sometimes it's hard for me to put my book my own book into words, but Alexandria captured it so beautifully! I'm also doing an author interview with her that she'll be posting on release day, so don't miss that!

I'll be seeing you tomorrow...the LAST DAY before release! ✨

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