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Only ONE More Day Until Release! 😱

Can you believe TOMORROW is release day?!

I hardly can myself!

Here's a newsletter-exclusive sneak peek at what all will be going on tomorrow and how we'll be celebrating release!

  • The paperback version of Free goes up for sale on Amazon

  • My book trailer releases on YouTube and IGTV

  • Alexandria Miracola is posting an author interview with me on her website

  • I'll be going live on YouTube in the afternoon to answer some of YOUR questions about Free and how I wrote it!

It'll be here before we know it, but to help pass the time, I've released a YouTube video about how I did the historical research for Free. If you like history, or have ever considered writing historical fiction yourself, I think you'll find it fascinating!

And don't forget that today's blogger is my friend Effie over at effiejoestock.com ! Effie is an "aspiring indie fantasy author". I feel like I've done something different for each blog shout-out, so today I'll share a snippet from her review of Free:

"I don’t usually read many Christian books, but have meddled in the genre my fair bit, though many of the books I’ve read in said genre were extremely deep, spiritual, and heart wrenching. In that sense, Free turned out to be a refreshing read! In a world where many of our literature strives to be the most graphic...(even in settings where morals are favored), Careena strives harder to bring something entirely different to the table.

Because of the type of Christian novels I’ve read previously, I was a little thrown off when I started reading Free. I expected it to be a little more deep, or gritty than it was, but the gentleness of the story and the main character with her simple, pure faith grew on me.

Filled with familiar hymns, scripture passages, and a strong, sweet, heroine, this is an excellent book for young readers or children who are looking for a fun, sea-faring adventure, while also teaching them obedience to God and authority, and some lesser and well-known scriptures. It is a light, easy read that I would recommend to young adults who want something full of hope, or to parents who are looking for something clean and inspiring for their young ones to read." Read the full blog post here! I can't wait to celebrate release with you! 🥳

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