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Join the Street Team!

Help me get the word out about my upcoming novel!

A street team, or launch team, is a group of influencers that help get the word out about a new book. My street team will help me spread the word about "Free," the first book in my Hope on the High Seas series, and in return, they'll get an advanced reader copy!

"Free" is the story of a seventeen-year-old British girl named Ruth. Ruth is used to being independent and trusting God to provide for her needs, even with the little protection life in the 17th century provides her. But when a strange turn of events lands her on a cargo ship with no immediate way off, what is Ruth to do? The sailors are rough and rowdy, but Ruth finds First Mate Leonard particularly intimidating. What is hiding behind Captain Edward’s passive nature? Will she ever be free?

As the sailors face the trials of ocean travels, they quickly discover that their young servant holds a secret to peace and happiness they've never had. Something that could change their lives forever. But does Ruth have her heart open for the ways in which God wants to change hers?

Amid danger and personal sacrifices, Ruth encounters many ups and downs. The reader will journey alongside Ruth as she is reminded of what freedom really means.

The Hope on the High Seas series is written for the YA (young adult) category, so it is clean and suitable for readers as young as a tween level.

If this sounds like something up your reading alley, apply for my street team here! Also, be sure to add "Free" to your Goodreads "Want to Read" list.

Thank you for joining me on my publishing journey!

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