About Me

I believe that what we fill our minds with influences who we become. My whole life I've wanted to create books I had a hard time finding as a kid--stories that were just as uplifting as they were exciting.


Adventures in Writing

I use my YouTube channel as an outlet to connect with other writers and share what I've learned along my writing journey. With videos on topics from writing historical fiction to the three-act story structure, from christian writing encouragement and vlogs about my different projects, come be part of the Careena's Adventures community!


Fun Facts About Me

  • I was homeschooled the whole way through

  • I'm the oldest child of 2

  • I actually prefer movies over books

  • I've written musicals and screenplays, though none have been performed yet

  • My favorite color is blue (can you tell?)

  • I love the ocean but I haven't been there since I was 8

  • I dabble in historical costuming

  • I have a cat named Fluffy

  • I plan to major in Intercultural Studies


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